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Function that renders documents at Rapporteket from rmarkdown source files. Output formats may be (vanilla) HTML or PDF based on our own pandoc latex template or fragments of html when the result is to be embedded in existing web pages. Rmarkdown allow parameters to be part of report processing. Thus, parameters that are specific to reports must be provided (as a named list) when calling renderRmd().


  outputType = "html",
  logoFile = NULL,
  params = list(),
  template = "default"



Character string providing the path to the rmarkdown source file.


Character string specifying the output format. Must be one of c("pdf", "html", "html_fragment"). Default value is "html".


Character string with path to the logo to be used for PDF output. Often, this will be the registry logo. Only PNG and PDF graphics are allowed. Default value is NULL in which case no such logo will be added to the output document.


List of report parameters (as named values) to override the corresponding entries under params in the rmarkdown document yaml header. Default is NULL in which case no parameters as defined in the rmarkdown document will be overridden.


Character string defining which template to use for making pdf documents. Must be one of "default" or "document" where the first is assumed if this argument is not set.


Character string with path to the rendered file or, if outputType is set to "html_fragment", a character string providing an html fragment. Files are named according to tempfile() with an empty pattern and with the extension according to outputType

("pdf" or "html").